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How to get a Malta online gambling license without a hitch

Getting a gambling license is a must if you vote for a risk-free business and long-term profits. We’ve shed light on the matter while talking about the Curacao license, and now it’s time to get acquainted with another option to foster your brand reputation and gain more trust from gamblers – a Malta gambling license. 

Malta online gambling license: highlights

In a variety of gambling licenses, Malta occupies one of the leading positions, being in the same row with Curacao, Costa Rica, and the UK. We’ve accumulated key facts and differentiators of this type of license, so you can get to know it better.

Staying at the core of regulations

Malta has a proud title of the first EU representative that started to regulate online gaming since the beginning of the 21st century.

Malta Gaming Authority (formerly: Lotteries and Gaming Authority)

It’s known as one of the most popular licensing bodies in the gambling sector.

Available license offerings

There are four types of license provided by the Malta Gaming Authority – each is characterized by the specific kind of games chosen by an operator:

  1. Games of luck, a random number generator defines a winner (e.g., roulette, lottery, etc.)
  2. Games of luck, the results of the game directly depend on event outcome (sportsbook)
  3. Games of luck, the stakes are a central element (poker)
  4. Skilled games, points are earned based on real-life statistics (fantasy sports)
Latest updates on the license obtaining process

As for the recent simplification steps for operators, there’s no need to launch a licensing procedure from scratch again if you want to get another type of license besides the one already acquired. The period of license validity has been prolonged from 5 to 10 years. 

Why consider this option for gambling: pros and cons of the Malta license


Malta is notable for a solid and well-developed regulatory ecosystem for online gaming

Beneficial location

At least, thanks to SmartCity – a technology concept that’s prepared to be a global hub for iGaming representatives and occasions.

License variety

As mentioned above, operators are not limited by one or two licensing types.

Flawless reputation

Compliant with all online gambling standards, the Malta license ranks high all over the iGaming world.

High-potential industry in the region

Online gaming forms a significant part among all industries in Malta.

Is the Malta gambling license so impeccable or are there any drawbacks? We’d rather highlight three particular characteristics you should take into account while choosing a license that works for your needs best:

  • Not the cheapest option in the market – for instance, Curacao licensing fees are lower.
  • The process of obtaining the gambling license will take a while.
  • Beware that the majority of gambling-related operations should be conducted in Malta.

Why consider this option for gambling: pros and cons of the Malta license

Generally, the consideration process on Malta Gaming Authority’s side is multistaged. Though this licensing body is really scrupulous in conducting your 360-degree check, in the end you’ll be rewarded. The Malta gambling license will serve as a high-quality mark, so you’ll immediately gain trust of the players and be treated as an undoubtedly reputable gambling organization. 

But this is the goal to achieve before, get ready for the next five steps:

obtaining the gambling licence
Step 1. Pass a background check

It all starts with a comprehensive examination of business specifics, stakeholders, and key figures involved.

Step 2. Prove your business is viable

The next round is convincing the Malta Gaming Authority about bright prospects of your business plan and sound financial, marketing, or sales strategies.

Step 3. Go through documentary and financial testing

If you’ve reached the third validation step, it means that the Malta Gaming Authority is investigating your docs, policies, and regulations as well as finding out whether you address their financial sufficiency expectations. The expected share capital is dictated by the license you intend to get, ranging from €40,000 to €100,000 per one.

Step 4. Face a technical system audit

This is the stage when your application is reviewed and approved, after which you need to prove that the technical abilities of your solution work exactly like they are presented in a business plan.

In case your system technical check is successful, you’ll get a license valid for 10 years. Otherwise, the application is cancelled, so you have to resubmit it.

Step 5. Get ready for an after-go-live review

And yet no time to relax – during 3 months after going live, your solution is being checked for compliance by an auditor acknowledged by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Any questions on the Malta license for online casinos left?

We know they are. For this reason, our team has analyzed the most frequently asked questions about the Malta online gambling license to present you top FAQs.

How much does it cost to get the Malta gaming license?

Overall, the price, which includes a new license registration fee, license cost, and license-related expenses, is about €35,000.

I’ve submitted my application. How long should I wait before getting the license?

If all verification processes go smooth, you’ll have to be patient for another three or four months.

How to choose from the four types of Malta licenses available?

Base your choice on the kind of games you’re building your strategy upon, as this is what distinguishes one license type from another. 

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