Crypto casino
Crypto casino software: why is it beneficial for business?
Before a ‘how’ question comes a question “Why?” Is there at all the need to move in the direction of crypto casinos instead of voting for good old fiat currencies? Is a gambling software trend worth the investments, or has...
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Dmitry Orabey: “We take on complex and non-standard projects”
Today we have the honor to speak with the amazing Dmitry Orabey, founder of Turbomates Soft. Together with Vitalii Podust, a specialist in digital marketing here at, we’ve asked Dmitry 6 questions that we are very curious to hear...
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turnkey casino software
Turnkey Casino software trends – Interview
How to avoid mistakes while launching your online casino? What are the tips to decide on the best software provider and which online casino software features are a must-have today? We’ve managed to find all the answers with Domenico Dragone,...
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how to start your sportsbook
How to launch a Sportsbook in 2022
Why? In order to prove our point, we’re showing you some figures. According to the Global sports betting market size & growth report, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is predicted as 10.2% from 2022 to 2030. In 2021 only, the...
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Gamblorim and Turbomates Soft
Turbomates Soft partners with Gamblorium
Teaming up with companies from different industries is not only interesting but rewarding as well. Turbomates Soft and Gamblorium prove this and help thousands of gamblers learn more about the market arrangement. Gamblorium’s mission is to educate and guide players...
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Casino Management Software
Online Casino Management Software Tools to Win More Players
“We can’t believe it happened – a high roller who's been staying with us for a couple of years already left us to make huge bets somewhere in another place…” “There is a feeling that we do something wrong in...
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curacao gaming licence
Curacao gaming license: why and how to obtain
“Changing a couple of law firms, I eventually realized it was time to move on. I remember myself desperately finding the niche to start my own business.  When some IT projects failed, I turned to gambling. As a lawyer, I...
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CRM Online Casino
BetForge has got a new CRM System
Analyze iGaming processes with the advanced CRM system Turbomates Soft has upgraded the gambling platform BetForge to make more powerful analytics tools for online operators. New features allow to get more detailed information about gaming events and processes, segment players,...
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AI in an online casino
AI in an Online Casino. How does it work?
AI aids the Online Casino to transform safe gambling and the overall gaming experience improving their games and services. More and more gambling platforms now and have a lot of benefits. How does it work? Find out about it in...
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how to launch your online casino
How to start your Turnkey Online Casino in 2022
Do you plan to launch your own Turnkey Online Casino? And at the same time, you don’t know how to start this deal and have more questions than answers? We have prepared a guide that will help you shape the...
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