betting exchange-3
How to start your own betting exchange
What is a betting exchange? Is there any difference between betting exchanges and a bookmaker’s office? Why is iGaming software development worth the effort and investments? Without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of these questions. We bet you...
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mistakes online casino
How to avoid mistakes for online casino operators
When you’re taking a gamble and get into an online casino business, all should be calculated to the smallest detail. Tech and business go hand in hand and complement each other, therefore a sound and well-thought-out strategy is likely to...
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cross platform app
Cross-platform app development: the reasons to choose it for your project
Mobile applications invaded the world and left desktop and tablet markets far behind. We could have had long-hour debates on how mobile managed to shift the paradigm and gain support of the majority of internet users thanks to its ease-of-use...
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payment gateway
How to choose a payment gateway provider for online casino
When we’re talking about online casinos and iGaming in general, all is centered around payments. No wonder – it’s all about making money (or losing them, when Fortune doesn’t stay by your side).  The smoother online casino operators organize payment...
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Сryptocurrency exchange
How to build a cryptocurrency exchange
As cryptocurrency still arouses some skepticism among people, let’s immediately refer to the statistics and see whether this asset has gone mainstream instead of sinking into oblivion. As for the past decade, Bitcoin’s price has grown by 540,000% between 2012...
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MVP development
MVP development services for startups
All-or-nothing thinking is likely to lead to nowhere in the long run, especially when you’re blinded by the apparent brilliance of your idea. Even if the temptation is high to bet your entire net worth on it, how about slowing...
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malta gambling license
How to get a Malta gambling license
Getting a gambling license is a must if you vote for a risk-free business and long-term profits. We’ve shed light on the matter while talking about the Curacao license, and now it’s time to get acquainted with another option to...
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Crypto casino
Crypto casino software: why is it beneficial for business?
Before a ‘how’ question comes a question “Why?” Is there at all the need to move in the direction of crypto casinos instead of voting for good old fiat currencies? Is a gambling software trend worth the investments, or has...
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Dmitry Orabey
Dmitry Orabey: “We take on complex and non-standard projects”
Today we have the honor to speak with the amazing Dmitry Orabey, founder of Turbomates Soft. Together with Vitalii Podust, a specialist in digital marketing here at, we’ve asked Dmitry 6 questions that we are very curious to hear...
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turnkey casino software
Turnkey Casino software trends – Interview
How to avoid mistakes while launching your online casino? What are the tips to decide on the best software provider and which online casino software features are a must-have today? We’ve managed to find all the answers with Domenico Dragone,...
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