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Build your own powerful betting exchange and open an incredible new experience for players with our reliable and innovative product named BetForge.

Having over 10 years of experience and paying much attention to details, Turbomates Soft provides the analog of Betfair or Matchbook with similar functionality.

It supports soccer, basketball, horse racing, tennis, rugby, cricket, basketball, baseball, and other kinds of sports.

Why Betting Exchange?

Reduced Financial Risks

Unlike traditional bookmakers, a betting exchange doesn’t risk their own money, whatever the event outcome is. Instead, it simply facilitates bets between customers. 

This means that the exchange doesn’t need to worry about losing money if numerous customers place winning bets.

Commission-Based Revenue Model

Betting exchanges earn their revenue by charging a commission from customer winnings. This means that exchanges can generate steady revenue streams regardless of how an event went.

Increased Market Liquidity

A betting exchange allows customers to both back and lay bets on an event. There are greater chances of finding a match for a bet thanks to a bigger number of potential customers to take the other side of the bet.

Lower Operating Costs

Betting exchanges typically have lower operating costs than traditional bookmakers. Why so? They don’t have to employ odds compilers or traders to manage their risks.

Greater Transparency

Betting exchanges provide customers with more transparency in contrast with traditional bookmakers. Customers can see the odds offered by other participants and make informed decisions regarding the value of their bets.

Key Functionalities


Lay & back betting


Live betting


Correlations between bets and odds


Cash flow management


Advanced liquidity management tools


Integration of the line from any source (Betradar, Donbets, etc.)

Choose the BetForge solution and meet all crucial requirements

  • Protection of all user data
  • Powerful backend
  • Different betting types
  • Multilingual & Localization
  • Detailed analytics
  • Player management
  • Integration with any payment provider
  • Custom design
  • Multi-platform solution development
Integrate your Betting Exchange with Sportsbook or Online Casino and save 25% on the set-up!
What we offer
  • Consultations on obtaining a gambling license
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Custom development services per request
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