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Turnkey casino without a hitch: specifying right trends, partners, and business ideas

How to avoid mistakes while launching your online casino? What are the tips to decide on the best software provider and which online casino software features are a must-have today? We’ve managed to find all the answers with Domenico Dragone, a gambling specialist with over 10 years of experience. 

Meet the expert

Domenico Dragone

Digital entrepreneur and investor passionate about challenges

Founder and CEO of The Betting Coach Group, an international news and social marketing agency geared towards sports, esports, and gambling companies

— Could you please tell us about your experience in the gambling industry? How do you help online casino operators?

I’m a gambling expert with over 10 years of retail experience in Italy and global online gaming knowledge. I worked and collaborated with the largest national gambling companies and also managed some land-based betting shops.

I am a digital entrepreneur, and investor, passionate about challenges! In 2015 I founded The Betting Coach Group, international news and social marketing agency geared towards sports, esports, and gambling companies.

Currently, The Betting Coach Group operates through the owned websites:

We deal with writing and sharing b2b press releases for global iGaming providers, carry out marketing campaigns in collaboration with the media partners and land-based event organizations, provide iGaming product consultations, resell online casino games, help our partners aggregate casino content on the gaming websites around the world, and much more. 

We operate without any territorial limits, which makes The Betting Coach a perfect partner for anyone who wants to operate in the iGaming field.

— What are the most common mistakes online casino operators make, starting their business? How to avoid them?

—  Doing business with online casinos is challenging and there are always many assessments to be formulated in order not to make mistakes that will cost you months of hard work.

Every business project, in its early stages, must focus on a careful preliminary analysis. After the launch, it is necessary to monitor, study, and manage every single statistical data, feed, and lead from users.

Those who skip it are likely to fail in a very short time –  over the years, we have witnessed both sensational corporate disasters and successful cases that today represent significant industry milestones.

Before starting with the analysis, it’s worth mentioning that investment budgets make the difference and managing good sums during the startup phase allows you to buy good websites with the efficient management systems. This also lets you hire expert consultants to immediately bring any iGaming project to a higher level.

But be careful, this is not a standard rule. There are small startups that have reached impressive heights despite limited budgets at their disposal.

But be careful, this is not a standard rule. There are small startups that have reached impressive heights despite limited budgets at their disposal.

Among the most common mistakes made by online casino operators are:

Thinking about quick and easy profits

The online casino market has been growing steadily for many years, but this is a business that is not suitable for everyone. In fact, big numbers are typical of the most famous online casinos. Emerging in a heavy competition is not that easy.

Working with poor choices of games and partners

Gamblers are keen on experimenting with new games and getting a wide range of entertainment options! Thus, a good online casino platform has to offer a rich variety of partners and games to its users. We advise choosing a software house capable of guaranteeing a website with many casino games already integrated.

Launching too extensive advertising campaigns

 There are different types of marketing solutions available on the web. Among the most famous and least expensive, we have Pay-per-click, Pay-per-view, and sponsored newsletters.

This kind of promotion allows you to reach huge basins of users, but this traffic is not always good for newly launched online casinos. Runaway waves of activations could slow down customer service departments, management systems of the new online casino, or even the timing of payments. Bad management of new customers could harm credibility and doom a new brand to failure.
To promote an online casino, more targeted plans are needed, so you can grow week after week, without forcing the issues. 

On the other hand, a good form of advertising is corporate communication made up of press releases and reviews about products or services offered by the online casino.

— What software features for casinos are in demand in 2022?

In recent years, there has been a rapid evolution in the iGaming supply and demand. Globally, technological advancement has been forced by the pandemic and the urgent need for solutions that could cover distances and help companies do business online. 

In 2022, quality online casino software should guarantee maximum functionality, such us: 

Integrated CRM

The goal of each company is to improve the acquisition and retention of its customers. The integration of sophisticated and customizable CRMs allows online casinos to specialize in managing the data collected for improving the b2b and b2c offers. A lead is useful for creating marketing and functional campaigns.

Simple, intuitive, and customizable CMS

The concept has evolved a lot thanks to the pandemic. Modern iGaming platforms are easily customizable, so each operator can work independently on the interface modifications. It takes a few moments to edit the elements, which makes gaming sites always fresh and attractive for players. 

Crypto and Crypto Wallet: this is a point of hot debate between industry experts.

On the one hand, we find the skeptics who don’t believe in the potential of casinos operating with cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, there are many supporters of blockchain technology and electronic currencies. 

I believe that a decision should be based on the location where a new online casino decides to operate.

There are areas like LATAM and CIS where Crypto Wallets are the basis of the classic casino offer. Other areas such as Italy and some more European countries see this new frontier still far away and therefore of little interest.

— Which tools help casino operators engage players?

Welcome bonuses are top priority. This is a great incentive to introduce players to a new online casino.

Excellent customer service and fast payouts after a win are among the options that all customers consider when choosing an iGaming product.

For each bonus, there should be clear written regulations that leave no room for misunderstanding. To involve a customer, it’s important to guarantee transparency and a serious approach.

Loyalty programs and cumulative bonuses are among the reasons why a player becomes loyal to the platform and returns to spend his or her money there.

But please note that the real involvement comes from the quality of games and the strengths of an iGaming company.

Recently, interesting play-for-fun solutions have been developed. To my mind, this is a great option to involve players even without them spending money. People get the opportunity to try games for free and decide later whether to go on with its pay version.

— How to choose a gambling software provider?

— This question is trickier as it might seem on the face of it.

There are super popular vendors that cost a lot and have award-winning solutions to introduce to their customers. Anyone would choose them with their eyes closed, but their platforms don’t always satisfy all potential customers.

Before choosing a supplier, you need to ask yourself a few questions, “What are my budgets? What solutions interest me? What suppliers do my competitors collaborate with? Do I want to opt for traditions or is it better to take a risk and bring anything new to the market?”

Then make a list of possible suppliers and compare their products. Visit the corporate websites and online casino sites, try to register there, or even play some cash!

The next step is to contact potential partners, talk to them, and evaluate the professionalism of their representatives.

Don’t underestimate the research phase – ask your friends and partners who may already be informed about these suppliers.

Then move on to the commercial proposals that must be perfectly aligned with market prices. Neither high or low options are good, so find the right compromise. 😉

A good supplier always makes every effort to find the right way to work together!

Last but not least: request free demos to try products and services offered by these companies. Take your time and learn as much as you can about your future partner – this will let you start your online casino business without any further delays!

— Thank you for the interview!
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