Cryptocurrency exchange development services

Reap the benefits from a cutting-edge crypto exchange. Attract and retain more traders. Make your business stand out from the competition in the billion-dollar market.

Turbomates Soft provides full-cycle development services and turns your ideas into robust cryptocurrency exchange apps perfectly tailored for web and mobile
What Are the Exchange Types? Let’s Take a Look

There are two types of crypto exchanges: decentralized and centralized. Each has their pros and cons, so while choosing the best option, go by your own preferences.

Having doubts? Our team is delighted to consult you on any crypto exchange type. The choice is vital, as it determines your target audience and market as well as the ways of interacting with traders.

Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (ССE)

The most commonly used broker-based exchange
Core concept: buyers and sellers meet, while the platform owner acts as a middleman responsible for traders’ funds.


  • works with Fiat and Crypto
  • provides a reliable and powerful environment for trading
  • a central authority allows for storing, trading, sending, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies


  • transactions aren't tracked via blockchain
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development
Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange (DCE)

Highly secure and smart-contract-powered solution
Core concept: responsible for simple, transparent, and safe trading


  • deals are tracked via blockchain
  • trading without third-parties
  • resistance to hacker attacks


  • no KYC involved

Make the Most of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Competencies

Turbomates Soft has been developing powerful cryptocurrency exchanges for years already, delivering reliable and scalable solutions that instantly process thousands of transactions. There’ll be no issues with transaction speed and volume.

Have a wealth of custom features in mind? Our team will design a product tailored specifically to your needs, branding preferences, and functional requirements. Our mission is to set you apart from your competitors, attracting experienced traders with a bespoke solution.

Our key development services include:


Native and cross-platform app development


Mobile, web, desktop, and hardware wallet creation


Smart contract development


Payment gateway development


One-page cryptocurrency exchanges


Designing custom user interface


API Integration


Margin trading & short-selling facilities


Hosting support
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Full-Cycle Crypto Exchange Development

Turbomates Soft covers all project development stages, from evaluating your business ideas to a product launch and support services. Below are six major steps that lead you straight to a winning cryptocurrency exchange solution:

  • Evaluation of customer’s requirements and business analysis
  • Solution architecture design
  • Smart contract development (for DCE)
  • UX/UI design
  • Integrations with wallets and deployment
  • Technical support and optimization

What Will Make Your Product Reliable and Secure

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services

With thousands of financial transactions processed daily, security and reliability are a must for your product to pave the way to business success.

Besides delivering a powerful software solution, we also offer you the services to protect your crypto exchange from hackers and suspicious user activity. Give your clients confidence in crypto trading!

Our tools to guarantee security:

  • Data Encryption
  • Jail Login
  • Anti-Denial of Service
  • KYC and AML
  • CSRF Protection
  • Escrow Service
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Verification
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